Regular lessons with Nadia/Daniel. Price: 15 euros per person.


Registration in advance is mandatory. Register here. 


Beginner lesson always opened to new commers. No need to come with a partner. We change roles during the lesson. Free of charge.


More info here.

Registrations here. 


Thursday regular lessons for couples

Thursday regular lessons for couples at El Atico


17:30 - 18:45: Improver- Intermediate Level

19:00 - 20:15: Intermediate-Advance level

Starting on January 14.

Kumpulantie 1, 8th floor, Helsinki 

Every Thursday we have our traditional lessons for couples at El Atico. IMP: Due to Covid-19 pandemic the lessons now have a maximum of 6 couples.


1 lesson: 15 euros (24% VAT included)

5 lessons: 60 euros (24% VAT included)


Special measures due to COVID-19 (updated 14.01):
-Previous registration required for contact lessons (reserve your spot here) 

-The course/lesson will have a limited number of seats (max 4 couples)
- We will not be making changes of partners.
- Avoid attending if you are feeling ill.
- Wash your hands thoroughly before and after the lesson.
- Instructors will use mask, we strongly recommend students to do so as well. If you forgot your own masks there will be disposable masks available free of charge.

- The lessons are no longer back to back and the rooms are ventilated before a lesson.