About Us

Our tango journey began separately. Nadia started dancing in 2007 in Temuco, Chile, and Daniel in 2009 in Santiago, Chile. After living in Buenos Aires for three years, Nadia returned to Chile in 2013. That year we met dancing in a milonga in Takuu Tango, a traditional tango club in Santiago.

We began teaching tango together in 2014, in Helsinki, Finland. Since then we have developed a teaching method that takes into consideration the cultural differences between Latin America and Finland. We aim at making our students feel confident and confortable in the tango embrace.

Our teaching style characterises for giving main importance to connection in the couple and musicality. We encourage students to participate with questions and commentaries.

Our focus is in social dance, so our lessons are specially directed to teach you the main tools to enjoy dancing in a milonga (tango party). Our aim is to make our students fall in love with this beautiful dance.