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Nadia Tapia

Nadia Tapia

Nadia is the main person behind Abrazo Tango, in her work she collaborates with different dancers from Finland and abroad. Nadia began dancing tango in 2007, in Temuco, Chile. A lawyer by profession, two years after starting dancing, she moved to Buenos Aires to pursue masters’ degree studies and be closer to the tango epicentre of the world. She has taught in Chile and Finland, where she currently resides and teaches regular lessons. She is able to both lead and follow and teach both roles. She has sought to complement her tango skills with the regular practice of other disciplines that focus on body movement, such as pilates, yoga and GYROKINESIS®.

In June 2022, Nadia and Luis were finalists in the UK Argentine Tango Championship, official preliminary of the World Cup.

GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

Daniel Valenzuela

Daniel started dancing in 2009 in Santiago, Chile with Felipe Zarzar and Mamié Sancy. He began teaching tango in 2014, in Helsinki, Finland. Daniel has continued with his learning journey by taking lessons with different maestros from Chile, Buenos Aires and Europe.

In this short documentary, directed by Kirsi Laatikainen, we share some of our views regarding Argentine tango.

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