Courses for Beginners

Argentinian Tango Basics at Helsingin Aikuisopisto

We meet every Monday at 17:00 in the beautiful Juhlasali. We practise how to lead and follow specific combinations with a focus on technique, connection and musicality.


No previous experience in partner dancing is needed. This course is for couples. We do not change couples during the lesson.


If possible, by the end of the course we may visit a local milonga (tango party). The lessons are in English.

Where: Juhlasali 307, Runeberginkatu 22–24, 00100 Helsinki

Date and time: Mondays 17:00 - 18:30 

Dates: 6.9.2021 - 4.10.2021 (10 Lessons)

Price (per person): 85,00 €

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These lessons can be taken together as a course or separately. The lessons are suitable to anyone with or without a dancing background. They are also suitable for people who have taken Argentine Tango lessons in the past but need to brush up the basics.

You can sign up in couples or alone, but solo registrations are subject to confirmation once we find a suitable partner.

Wednesdays 17:45 - 19:00 starting on September 8 at Aleksis kiven katu 34, Helsinki


Price per person:
1 Lesson: 18 euros (normal price)

4 lesson pack: 60 euros (normal price); 50 euros (students)

8 lesson pack: 100 euros (normal price); 80 euros (students)

We accept payments in card, cash and edenred.

Instructor: Nadia Tapia

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Come and enjoy of a friendly gathering and let's Tango!!

This lesson is relaxed and low threshold, come as you are, you don't need to have any previous experience in tango or any other dance, we will begin from the very basics in a playful way.

Lessons are mainly in English, some remarks may be given also in Finnish and Spanish, when requested.

You can come with or without a partner. If you come without a partner, we do not ensure role balance so you may have to change roles during the lesson.

When: During the summer on Saturdays at 14 starting on 31.7 (no lesson on 7.8 ) / Starting on September we move to Mondays at 19

Where: Miitti Lapinlahdenpolku 1, 00180 Helsinki

Price: free


Haluatko kokeilla uutta harrastusta? Tervetuloa tanssimaan argentiinalaista tangoa meidän kanssa Kouvolassa!

Tämä intensiivinen päivän kurssi sopii sinulle, jos et ole koskaan tanssinut tangoa tai aikaisemmin paritanssia harrastaneille, jotka haluavat kokeilla uutta tanssia. Kurssi sopii myös niille jotka ovat aikaisemmin kokeilleet argentiinalaista tangoa ja haluavat päivittää osaamistaan.


Koronatilanteen vuoksi kurssilla ei vaihdeta pareja ja suosittelemme maskin käyttöä. Voit ilmoittautua parin kanssa tai ilman paria. Jos ilmoittaudut ilman paria, ilmoittautuminen edellyttää vahvistusta, kunnes löydämme sopivan parin.

13:00-14:15 tanssitunti
14:15 - 14:30 tauko
14:30 - 15:45 tanssitunti
15:45 - 16:00 tauko
16:00- 17:00 ohjattua harjoitusta ja lisäpalautetta

Paikka: Studio Dance Pit, Hallituskatu 5, Kouvola
Ohjaajat: Nadia Tapia (CL) and Daniel Valenzuela (CL)
Hinta: 80€/hlö (normaali hinta) / 70€/hlö (early bird 26.9 asti)